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Set in home, work, driving and commuting environments, the Quake Quiz website was developed in conjunction with the City of San Francisco in anticipation of the Loma Linda Prieta Earthquake anniversary, a stark reminder for earthquake preparedness in the Bay Area.

Designed to educate the user in a way that takes the fear and anxiety out of earthquake preparedness, Quake Quiz SF is a graphically engaging quiz that provides valuable tips on what to do the moment you realize an earthquake is in progress and in the moments that follow. The site uses a playful instructional illustration style to relay life saving ideas, engaging the user with multiple choice answers to preparedness questions. The site went on to win awards from AIGA and was featured in Communications Arts Interaction Design Annual.

Quake Quiz website
Quake Quiz website subway with preparation tips
Quake Quiz website at the beach with preparation tips
Quake Quiz website street with preparation tips
Quake Quiz website house with preparation tips