Esquire is a secure platform that’s working to evolve how law firms communicate and collaborate on sensitive files. The platform allows teams to edit, track changes, and give feedback, within desktop and mobile applications. Working closely with product lead Espen Tuft and strategy lead Amanda Gross, we conducted interviews with legal professionals in order to understand their barriers to efficiency. Iterating on working prototypes and testing them with select members of our target audience, we were able to deliver a minimum viable product that was beta released to users from firms around the Bay Area.

The final months of the engagement focused on establishing Esquire’s brand guidelines, including logo treatment, typography, illustration and photographic style, iconography, and a UI design library.

Esquire logo designed by Carl Bender
Esquire business cards designed by Carl Bender
Esquire mailer poster designed by Carl Bender
Esquire application topic ui design
Esquire application file list ui design
Esquire desktop application document editing UI design
Esquire application lock icon
Esquire application icon system
Esquire application create new channel UI design
Esquire mobile application screens designed by Carl Bender
Esquire application mobile UI designs
Esquire poster and tube designed by Carl Bender